Roller Shades Have Evolved Over Time

It used to be that roller shades were used by old people for their old homes to accompany their drapes. You know the style, dreary old carpet maybe some finger prints worn down maybe with tassels and of course one color, off white. Plain roller shades which were quite boring and commonplace were located everywhere. It was this look at night roller shades to be less popular and not widely distributed. Consumers look for alternatives. Some of these alternatives turnout to be wood blinds, vertical blinds, even draperies or mini blinds. However none of this changes the fact that roller shades serve an important purpose- room darkening on a simple low cost window treatment. As a result of the evolution, the changes to the window treatments industry, and specifically to the roller shades manufacturing category, people are now discovering their roller shades can look good once again.

New applications for roller shades include office spaces. Commercial offices are very valid new uses for roller shades. Office spaces where computers are used, or work privacy is required, demand the use of roller shades. Roller shades which can block the light are increasingly common. Media rooms, office suites, conference rooms, and secret spaces, as well as rooms used to store perishable items, are all placing demands for room darkening window treatments.

Some offices are making good use of solar shading roller shades. These increasingly important window treatment products are those which filter the light of allowing occupants to manage the lighting in their spaces. Roller shades which allow a percentage of the exterior light to enter room can thus lower internal lighting bills by allowing electric lights to be used to lower extent. This applications becoming increasingly common with the goal of becomingly. When exterior lights are able to pass through window treatments, occupants are able to work in a more pleasant and individually lit workspace. It is this method of lighting which is part of the ergonomic design their roller shades, solar shading, which is desired.

Older roller shades were controlled with a pull mechanism. This pull mechanism, sometimes, called a spring mechanism, work well, particularly in the beginning of life of the roller shades. However, as roller shades got older in were used more regularly, the control system, the springs, would wear down and weaken. Spring controlled roller shades more recognizable by the fact that on the control ends of the roller shade to that the very top of the window they would be very small metal and sticking out of one side and something of about block sticking out of the other. Each of the use panes or blocks would fit into a very small roller shade bracket that the top of window. Sometimes the roller shade can slip from his racket because there’s no strong anchoring of the roller shade into the bracket, they are from cheap.

New roller shades, on the other hand, use a more extensive stronger and much better fastened roller shade chain control. These chain controls use internal springs to actually reduce the load, the amount of force required to lift the roller shade, substantially. Sometimes the load reduction for a roller shade can be as much as thirty percent. This type of load reduction is important when you talk about using roller shades for larger windows. Imagine trying to raise a roller shade that weighs as much as fifteen pounds. This would be the consumer pulling on a chain to raise the shade or to lower the shade and putting it least fifteen pounds of pull force on the chain. That’s a lot of work when you’re tired in the evening or tired of the morning trying to block the sun or let more sun in.

The beauty of the new control systems is clear when you consider color coordinated chains that actually make the roller shade look nicer with the chains that match the fabrics. These new roller shades, in particular, actually also have a color coordinated bottom rail. This bottom rail is a metal bar at the bottom of the roller shade and serve a function of providing a good solid weight to the roller shade. This weight is necessary to help the roller shade fabric hang flat straight. In addition, color coordinated bottom rails also provide a nice finish and attractive clean look to the roller shade.

Roller shades have evolved tremendously over the past few years. This is part of the fuel on the fire of the interest for roller shades in residential and commercial applications. Consumers, architects, designers, contractors, and building owners are all recognizing the enhanced value of attractive roller shades.

Wealth of Window Design Solutions

The style, shape and function of a home’s windows can underscore a home’s elegance, coziness or cutting-edge style. The following are some of today’s most exciting formats and treatments:

Adding Elegance

Palladian or arched windows are graceful and elegant, but hard to cover. Fortunately, Hunter Douglas offers a variety of styles to cover unusually shaped windows. For instance, Duette® honeycomb shades come in an arch shape, designed to lift and lower smoothly from top to bottom on “perfect” and “imperfect” arches, allowing for privacy, light control and easy window cleaning.

Lighten and Brighten

Skylights can lighten a room, make a space feel larger and bring a quirky element to an otherwise dull area. When left bare, skylights often allow in too much light and sun that can fade furniture and overheat a room. Duette with Skyrise® is the perfect solution, softening the light and providing energy efficiency. Hardware with rails on all four sides keeps the shade in place safely and securely. What’s more, this option is offered with an easy, affordable, battery-operated remote-control system to open and close hard-to-reach shades.

Cutting-edge Sliders

Floor-to-ceiling windows add a dimension of excitement to any structure, while sliding glass doors are modeled after Japan’s rice paper shoji screens. Homeowners love the extra light but often get flustered when it comes to how to dress them. Duette with Vertiglide defeats that design problem with honeycomb fabric that is oriented vertically with the shade operating sideways. When open, it folds back to a mere six inches no matter how wide the treatment. It can be manually operated or motorized.

Bay Views

A bay window is typically a center window and two angled side windows. It offers lots of light for a book nook or dining alcove. Ideal for trio windows is a Top-Down/Bottom-Up design where the shade opens from the top or the bottom or both ways for privacy as well as a view.

European Allure

French doors have been popular for decades and slim, trim Duette honeycomb shades don’t add a lot of bulk or noisy rattling when these European imports are opened and closed.

Sidelight Windows

Those ubiquitous narrow windows found on one or both sides of a door beg for a window fashion solution such as the new Duette Operable Sidelight.

From the tiniest sliver of a window to arches, angles, octagons and trapezoids, virtually all window shapes and types can be beautifully dressed with Duette honeycomb shades.

Common Roller Shade Problems Solved

Roller shades have been around for many years. Long ago in history many people had roller shades installed in their windows. Some of these roller shades still look quite beautiful. However it should be understood, and expected, that by now many of these roller shades that are in windows have deteriorated and gone by the wayside. Some of the wear and tear may be quite natural, including control systems that break down or fabrics that have ripped and torn or simply don’t look right anymore. In any case, for most homeowners or business owners want to have attractive window treatments in their spaces.

Among the most common problems that consumers have with roller shades are failures in the control system. Sometimes roller shades “don’t want to roll up anymore.” Other times, they are stuck in position. For the first of these situations, you may simply find that if you can reroll your roller shade, you can tighten the springs and have it roll up better. In the case of a shade that is stuck, you must be very careful to not damage the fabric while trying to fix the shade. Many of these situations are complete losses, meaning that you will need to replace the roller shades. This is because the older control systems, those managed by springs, are no longer the commonplace or easy to obtain shades. So in the end, if you have a shade control system that is not working properly it is often advisable to get a new roller shade with the new control system.

Many consumers ask whether they can get a new roller shade control system for their existing fabric. This would seem the most logical way of reusing the same fabric and saving money by not having to waste that same fabric on a new shade. However given the updates and new fabrics that are available on the market, as well as the new methods of manufacturing roller shades, it is not as cost-effective and easy as many would think. It may not be so much of a waste, however, to buy new roller shades. For one thing the new fabrics are technically more capable. For another, the new control systems are substantially more durable and will protect your roller shade fabric so it will last much longer in your windows.

Another common roller shade problem is ripped, warped, or otherwise damaged roller shade fabric. The heavy use of vinyl coated fabrics, those that are typically called blackout, were substantially more common in the past. Those fabrics, unfortunately the lighter weight ones, were more often susceptible to ripping than modern-day fabrics, particularly those from woven polyester or other threads. The damages to these roller shade fabrics have often created ugly or less than presentable roller shades. Many consumers have wondered if it is possible to repair this fabric by replacing a section of the fabric. Unfortunately, replacing a section of fabric is not a possibility. However, some roller shade fabrics can endure a slight repair, like sewing or other repair. Beware though, excessive sewing may lead to an expanded problem. Often times, the sewing of roller shade fabric will simply delay the inevitable- the entire destruction of their roller shade. In the end, it is usually advisable for consumers to begin thinking about replacing roller shades when this type of deterioration begins.

Some roller shades will cause damage to the surrounding area. The scraping of a roller shade bottom rail against a window frame is not uncommon. Sometimes, this bottom rail, also called a hem bar, will run into a wall or otherwise run into a window frame. This type of damage can usually be corrected by making slight changes to the bottom rail like cutting it with a saw. Sometimes this hitting into a wall is a sign of other problems. A roller shade that is not properly squared up may have other damage to the fabric at the controls at the top of the roller shade. It is important to make sure that the roller shade is rolling up properly and that there are no other damages to the fabric or the control system.

While many consumers would like to try to repair or update or otherwise renovate their roller shades, it is usually considered advisable for simple replacement of that one shade or the several with problems. The new control systems will help your shades last longer and look more beautiful for a longer period of time.

A Good Look At The Merits of Getting Aluminium Shutters For Your Door And Window Treatment

Are you wondering about the benefits of choosing metal shutters for your home? They may not look as fancy or elegant as a set of wooden blinds, but there is nothing better when it comes to security if you choose to protect your home with aluminium window shutters. How is this so?

If you are questioning the advantages of aluminium shutters, then you would do well to read on to start delving into the matter. You would also want to consider a few of its’ downsides if only to make sure that you end up with a window treatment that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Aluminium window shutters – is it for you?

People buy metal window blinds and shutters online for two reasons– as a window treatment and to provide adequate protection for their homes. Window shutters are traditionally made of wood although ones made from aluminium now exist as a contemporary and safer option especially if you’re trying to find outside screens to safeguard versus trespassers and the elements.

One benefit of aluminium roller shutters is that it’s a highly flexible option in window treatments and can be set up outdoors or inside as you choose. Many are available in powder coat finishes and can be customized to suit one’s preference in size and colour. These kinds of shutters also provide among the most sophisticated options in window treatments with its capability to open fully and reveal the entire dimensions of a window. When the need arises, it can be closed entirely to offer total personal privacy and serve appropriate defence versus the elements.

Speaking of protection, it is possibly the main benefit when it comes to the interests of aluminium window shutters. The shutters can be installed on windows around living locations to safeguard versus excessive heat and cold successfully. These screens are robust enough to stand up to storms and efforts of intrusion which is why it is a relatively typical sight in many business establishments after hours.

Naturally, you can not go into the benefits of external aluminium shutters without dealing with disadvantages. Maybe the most considerable disadvantage to aluminium shutters is an aesthetic appeal. It is just not as attractive and stylish as other window treatments while occasionally costing a lot more. Of course, if you are in the marketplace for such shutters then security and resilience are probably the critical qualities on your list.